08 August 2006

We need each other. Only people with a very deep affiliation with the military way of life would know concrete details to take toward undoing a system whose main answer to problems is war. Other people might have strengths in diplomacy and communication. In the wearing of others’ shoes. Other people might supply the imagination for the big picture, the confidence and belief it is possible.

We need each other for the reinventing.

No one can plan it all because we cannot know in advance all of the obstacles and challenges of the journey. We can prepare our approach, however. To create civility will take flexibility of mind, resilience and awareness. It will take a sense of timing. It will take great strength. And, we must create civility among ourselves, in our lives, to create peace in the world.

There will be dangerous setbacks. We will need to stick together. Again, the military people to come up with the necessary specifics and details, others to ask questions, look at pros and cons, and others to keep hold of the big possible, the big picture, to encourage past the voices within us all that call us naive to dream of peace.

We must not write each other off.

This morning as I ran, there in my mind was President Bush in a white gi, reverently practicing Taimyo.

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